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Territory War

Territory War (2)Territory War is perhaps the only online game in which a team of three people is involved in the war against the computer. The principle reminds of the famous “Worms” with different playing maps, but instead of worms, painted people are at fight. At the beginning of the game you have the opportunity to choose which mode you want to play. The choice will be between the free play mode – that is one battle and campaign mode, that is, the passage of missions. In any case, certain amount of space is at your disposal, through which you can get closer to the enemy, or vice versa, escape. The amount of space available for movement is indicated by the sensor at the bottom with a green stripe. You control the group of men, whose

main task is to occupy territory. Your rivals have a similar task. Move the members of your team on the map and use your existing weapons wisely to destroy enemy soldiers. Play alone or against computer. Choose the number of warriors and try to kill all the soldiers of your opponent. Try to think the strategy of war against the enemies exactly to destroy them first. You have a large variety of weapons in your arsenal, such as rifles, shotguns and grenades. Each weapon has its own unique characteristics. Your task is to use their destructive capabilities to destroy the enemy. Interesting balanced, turn-based strategy in the style of "command team." Team members can move around the battlefield, shoot a gun, throw grenades at the enemy and so on at the discretion of a player. Time for a shot or grenade throw is unlimited and each of the three players can accurately aim and hit his target. Before the game starts, you are recommended to ask the names of your team members. Movements in the Territory War game moves across participants in turn. Each man has a limited life bar at the end of which he is shot out of the game. The game features 10 stages that you have to pass one by one. Levels vary - you will visit high mountains, cemetery and even space. Control characters using mouse and keyboard. To start moving forward or backward, press the “Move” button at the bottom of the field. The movement is carried out with the help of left and right arrows. To jump, press spacebar. When you finish movement, press the STOP, you will see a menu with the weapon. If you do not intend to move, press STAY. Be careful, if you press a “STAY” button, when a gun menu is in front of you, the turn goes to the opponent! To shoot, click mouse on the desired weapon and aim with arrows down and up. To gain the shot power hold down the space bar. When the red light at the bottom reaches the desired point, release the button.

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